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>> you are watching wbal tv 11. this is 11 news at 6:00. >> i am deborah weiner. we begin with more violence overseas. nato says a member of the afghan local police turned his weapons on international forces killing
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two u.s. service members. a maryland national guard unit charged with training police in afghanistan and arrived home today. george joins us with more. >> more than 40 members of the maryland national guard came home to a ceremony here in hunt valley. they were assigned to the international assistance force in afghanistan. they helped to train the afghan army and police to fight the taliban on their own. there are mixed emotions as they learned of the shooting of a nato service member, allegedly and hands of an afghan trainee. it speaks to the difficulty of their mission. >> we have solid leadership. i am confident all the counter measures have been put in place and we will continue to do what is right for the soldiers performing the mission. >> i have four children.
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he is the first i did not get to see born. the sacrifice we do, it pays off. we come home. it is a good feeling. >> these men and women spent a year and afghanistan. they deployed on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 last year. for many of these folks, this was their third tour in afghanistan. this was the unit the physical education teacher was part of who was killed by an afghan gunman in february during the uprising the resulted from the burning of korans at the military base. >> thank you. another attack in southern afghanistan left two u.s. marines dead. a spokesman with the international security assistance force confirmed the attack on friday. it is the same base where prince
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harry is deployed. officials say he was not hurt. the taliban is claiming responsibility in response to an anti-muslim film produced in the u.s. >> and during that attack, two of our soldiers died, two u.s. marines. a couple of airplanes and some infrastructure have been damaged. during the fight, 18 insurgents have been killed. one additional has been wounded. he is in custody right now. >> the taliban says the camp was targeted because prince harry is based there. the violence marks a wave of anti-american attacks and protests across the muslim world. during his weekly address, president obama expressed his resolve to bring to justice those responsible for the attacks. he also addressed safety
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concerns for americans overseas. >> we're doing what we can to protect americans serving abroad. we are in contact with governments around the globe to strengthen cooperation and _ that every nation has a responsibility to help us protect our people. >> a california man linked to the intra-is on film was escorted by deputies to an interview with federal officers. he willingly went to be questioned about possible probation violations. he was to be interviewed by federal probation officers to see if he is in violation of his federal permission. he was convicted of federal bank charges to the years ago. officials stress he is not under arrest. police are looking into suspicious death in north baltimore. investigators say they found the body of a man inside a car around 7: 15 this morning. we're told he had been shot. authorities are waiting on
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autopsy results to determine the exact cause of death. baltimore county police detectives are in oklahoma waiting to interview the grandson of the elderly couple found murdered. he is now named as a suspect. investigators say they learned earlier this week matthew long was in oklahoma. he was living with his grandparents when they were killed. he was missing when police discovered the bodies on monday. according to police, he is undergoing mental treatment at a hospital in oklahoma. >> we entered him into the national missing persons database. he was located in oklahoma. they notified the baltimore police department. our detectives began making preparations to interview him. >> police described the couple's injuries as traumatic but are not saying exactly how they died. the search continues for a suspect after a stabbing at a light rail station. the suspect attempted to take
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the victims cell phone last night at the westport station in south baltimore. the victim refused and fought back. the fight spilled out onto the platform where the victim was stabbed. the victim was taken to shock trauma with the on-life- threatening injuries. -- with non-life-threatening injuries. >> a cold front moved through the area. no rain, just scattered clouds. the highs were only in the 70's. the area of high pressure is controlling the weekend weather. that gives us great conditions. we will be chilly tonight. on the lower left, there is rain in the mississippi valley. that is pushing into the high. the high pressure moves east. it allows the rain to move east. rain is in the insta-weather plus forecast. i will have details in a few minutes. >> spraying for west nile virus will resume in baltimore county
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next week. alarming data is coming out about how some people find out athey have the illness. they will conduct spraying next tuesday and wednesday to help reduce human exposure to mosquitos infected with west nile virus. state health officials say 10 people this year tested positive for west nile when they went to donate blood. >> if they test positive, the donation is removed from the blood supply and not made available for use. the blood supply is considered well-protected. >> 25 people have been infected with west nile virus in maryland this year. two have died. the annual tradition in t owson. will take you there. the latest on teacher negotiation.
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>> baltimore county police are investigating an accident. they arrived to find and suv had been driven into a store. we're told the 76-year-old driver was parking wind when it went through the front of the stork. in a customer. the driver and passenger were not hurt. a show of solidarity for the striking chicago teachers. thousands of chicago teachers gathered in union park for a
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rally as leaders try to work out details to end the walkout. more teachers from wisconsin and minnesota joined them to show their support for organized labor. contract negotiations have centered on job security and new teacher evaluation processes. both sides are hoping the strike will end in time for students to return to class on monday. an italian gossip magazine is the next to publish photographs of the duchess. the italian tabloid says they will carry the pictures despite the threat of legal action. the french magazine ran pictures taken while the couple were on vacation at a private estate in southern france last month. an irish newspaper published the pictures today. at home, it was beautiful. apparently things are rocking and rolling. >> the earth was moving a bit this morning.
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this was in eastern frederick county near the carroll county line. about 10 miles south of westminster. it was only a 2.1 magnitude earthquake. it was 3 miles down. the weather is not earthshaking now. it is gorgeous. there is the view of the beach. you can see the shadows from the setting sun. 74 in town. 72 at th
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>> live entertainment on three stages at the cultural festival in towson that showcases the cultural heritage of the county african-americans. it features food, fun, and cultural exhibits. >> they have a lot of attractions to buy and eat. it is a good representation of what african-american culture is all about. >> this is the 16th year for the festival. >> now, your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with meteorologist john collins. >> the weather was not a problem today. absolutely gorgeous. the departing weather system produced rain north of us overnight. high pressure is giving us good conditions. it is holding off a disturbance that will get bigger to the
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southwest. by monday, we will be dealing with it. for the rest of the weekend, we will be dealing with the high. yesterday, we were in the low to mid 80's. today the high was 75 at the airport. the record was 98. the record is getting close to 100 from time to time. that was in 1998. the record low was 35. we're also getting record lows close to freezing this time of year. this is the time of year when we scramble this stuff. edgewood 72. 73 in frederick. 50's and '60's in far western maryland. the green indicates cooler air coming in. we are still in the 70's in the yellow. the green is filtering down. that is the cooler air moving into the area. the front moved out to sea.
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high-pressure over us. there is some rain activity. this is the disturbance developing out of the southern plains moving through the central mississippi valley. there is also a cold front coming into the dakotas. they will merge. early next week, the rain chances will go up. in the tropics, nadine is heading east. that is not an issue. the wind is not conducive to development. we will see what happens. overnight, clear skies, chilly. some of the readings are in the 40's. the winds will be nearly calm. 76 to 80 tomorrow. a lot of sunshine in the morning. by tomorrow afternoon and evening, maybe some clouds. pleasant conditions with low humidity and a west breeze at 5
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to 10 miles an hour. on sunday, we begin to pick up clouds. by monday, the chances of rain began to increase toward the evening. they really jump up on tuesday. that is when another cold front comes into the picture. tomorrow, mostly sunny and pleasant. temperatures in the low to mid 70's with a light wind. 78 tomorrow. 73 on monday with a chance of rain going up. it will be highest on tuesday, especially in the morning. we might see some thunderstorms. the rest of the week will be in the 70's. wednesday and thursday, we begin to dry out as the storm passes to the east. >> thank you. a big day in local sports. >> college football, the perfect afternoon for it. we will check on the
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>> this is 11 sports. >> the orioles traded -- trailed the as the last time we checked. oakland fares well. chris davis one of the strongest man in baseball. 26th home run of the season tied the game at 2-2. the bottom of the fifth, gomes gave it right back 3-2. top nine, still 3-2, two out. end of the game.
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the orioles lost, but i guess you cannot win them all. the standings in the east, the orioles and yankees tied for first. new york also lost last night. they're playing tampa in the seventh. the red sox and blue jays at 10:00. waiting for the terps today. it could provide a measure of personal satisfaction for the coach in connecticut. he gave some comments about facing his old school. you can -- yukon looking good early on. there he does. 57 yards on the touchdown. 7-0. it would be 14-0. the freshman quarterback under pressure. the first career touchdown for
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the wide receiver. 17-14. he sees the opening and takes care of business. 24-21. maryland had a good drive going. out of field-goal range. he goes for it all. kicked in the end zone. no miracle in college park. terps fall 25-21. they lost in the opener to notre dame. losing to penn state's 34-7. a banner day for the tigers. the first title game last season. william and mary on the move. the 68-yard drive. 7-3. the quarterback cannot find anybody open.
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fumbles. the tigers fall. it is a touchdown. 10-10. anders. banks 14 yards to make it 20-10. towson hold on for a 20-17 victory. a big day at hopkins. the coach looking for his 150th win. late second quarter. the jays up. 28-7 at the half. third quarter, scored. -- same score. he had three scorers. his career victory 150. 49-15 the final. johns hopkins the winners today. stay with us for one more
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>> tomorrow will be much the same as today with temperatures in the upper 70's and lots of sunshine. clouds and rain chances developing monday extending into tuesday. maybe even some thunderstorms. wednesday through friday dry with more rain possible saturday. >> it is as good as it gets. >> that is it for 11 news at 6:00. nightly news is next. see you back here at 11:00. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group]
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" this is a wbal tv 11 editorial. >> there were tense moments at the middle school in baltimore county. the eighth grade student pulled a gun on the teachers and classmates. for the second time in three weeks, a county school had an incident with a student. a gun to school. the 13-year-old has been charged as a juvenile. the teacher is being depreciated for her efforts in restraining the student until authorities arrived. we expect teachers to educate our children. to step between a class of students and a loaded gun is beyond the call of duty. they will establish a new office of safety and security and
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provide metal detectors to school resource officers. that is as much as the school system can do. the responsibility rests with the parents and adults to secure their weapons so children do not have access to them. it is the law. more importantly, it is a responsibility.
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